Wooden Houses. Stages of construction

Before proceeding directly to the construction of a wooden house, it is necessary to determine its location on the site. It is important to pay attention to such factors as the availability of communications and access to the site. These nuances can greatly affect the cost of construction. Choosing wood for the construction of a wooden house, give preference to the northern species of pine or fir. They are best suited to our climate. After this, the project should be agreed with the customer and you are ready to prepare the site. At this stage, conducted geodetic surveys, and the site cleared and leveled carefully. After this, preparing a place for the future of the foundation. When the preparatory work is finished, it’s time to equip the foundation. Wooden houses do not require a massive base, so that developers prefer the strip foundation, the support-bar or on screw piles. Important! The cost base for a wooden house, depending on time of year can be different. It is best to lay it in the warm season. But we should not forget that modern technology can do it well without compromising on quality and in cold weather. The foundation is necessary, and seal the warm, because wooden houses do not like contact with moisture. Immediately Allow for communication holes for drainage, water, etc. After that, the developer proceeds to installation of wooden houses on the prepared foundation. It should be noted that much depends on the technology of building a wooden house. Do not forget that regardless of the technology (the Russian Cup, a Canadian log cabin), the first year of felling will shrink. The interior of the house made of wood, however, the shrinkage of wooden houses is minimal. For example, the laminated veneer lumber shrinks less than one percent, so it can finish immediately after construction. When the box is home bred, should determine the type of roof and you can begin installation of the roof. Do not forget about the arrangement of drainage system. Once the house “covered” comes the installation of entrance doors and windows. At the same time laid Communication (water, sewerage, ventilation, electricity, gas) and installed the heating system (boiler is installed, the batteries). At the next stage the inner workings, including the laying of covering on the floor, walls, installation of internal partitions. Conducted an electrician, plumber installed and connected embedded appliances. At the end of the signed certificate of acceptance, transmission and celebrated house warming. Now you know the stages of construction of wooden houses, but we want to dwell on one point, whose importance can not be overstated. The fact is that without a reliable and responsible developer, wooden houses built very expensive. And not only that you can expect unexpected expenses caused by the inexperience of the contractor, but also the cost of correcting errors, which in some cases may exceed the actual construction. And most important! Remember that the “neobmytye” wooden houses, no guarantee of the contractor does not.)